Yes, you've read correctly, NETWORKSOLUTIONS Suck.
Why?  There is a plethora of reasons why the well-known domain registrar does not deserve your patronage, but instead of me (ie: the owner of this website) listing all MY reason, I figure I'll give you, the viewer, the opportunity to vent your own nightmarish encounters with the despicable company.

If you have not had a run-in with NetworkSolutions, then read here what others have experienced at the hands of the company that does not deserve to be called a domain registrar.

Click on the Blog link and you'll not only hear some of the sad stories others have experienced at the hands of the notorious company Network Solutions, but you'll also be able to add your own.  Legit comments are most certainly welcome.  However..... warned, if you just add spammy links to entice others to vistit your website, not only will your comment be taken down, but you will also be bannished from this website into the netherworld of cyberspace.  Not only that, but you'll piss me off, and trust me, you DON'T want to do that - you are reading this site because Network Solutions has pissed me off (as well as others).  Imagine what I'll be doing to bring down your spammy site if you piss me off. Consider Yourself  Forewarned!   MWAH HA HA HA.