I'm a disgruntled and VERY dissatisfied customer of Network Solutions.  I know I'm not the only one on Earth that has received nothing but lies and NO service from this company, so I created this website to give others a voice on how Network Solutions has screwed them, as well.

I make my living as a webmaster and I make it my #1 priority to take care of my clients.  Things can happen on the internet at lightening speed, and when I purchase a domain for a client, the registrar I use will acknowledge that new domain in a matter of minutes.  When I link that domain to a dns - so the entire world can see the new website, again, the transfer of info is completed in a matter of minutes  - most of the time - sometimes it will take up to a couple of hours.  To "play it safe," the Registrar will claim a waiting period of 24 - 48 hours for the dns to thoroughly propogate to all the servers, although I can quite honestly say I have not ever had to wait that long.

Transferring a domain from 1 registrar to another shouldn't ever take more that 24-48 hours.

Not so with Network Solutions.  They'd like you to believe they are "protecting" your interest when all they are doing is stalling in hopes you will give up so they can just suck another renewal or hosting fee out of you.  Read the comments in our blog to see why others agree with me.

Are you one of those who has received LESS than satisfactory results with them, as well?  Tell us all about it on our blog.